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Why is the Raika Tech Startup Program necessary?

Why should the Startup Program matter to you as an entrepreneur exploring a new technology idea? Why would you even need it if you feel like you are very clear on what you need to build?

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The Startup Therapy Couch: The 85/15 Rule

How do you know if you're building a product or service or business that has the potential to be viable and long-lasting? We use the 85/15 rule…

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The Tech Therapy Couch: Let's put the "M" back in MVP!

Acronyms are amazing little creatures with the power to communicate complex ideas quickly and simply. That is, of course, if you actually know what the acronym means.

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The Startup Therapy Couch: What's the TRUE Startup Unicorn?

I'm sure you've read the same types of stories I have: Startup ABC raises hundreds of millions in venture capital and is called a "unicorn", successful beyond the wildest dreams of the original founders. And in order to be called successful, these unicorns must have profit, right?

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The Startup Therapy Couch: Entrepreneur is to Startup as {__} is to Football

In honor of the SATs and ACTs that are being taken this summer by terrified and overwhelmed high school seniors everywhere, I give you an analogy to help you understand your real role as the entrepreneur and ideator in your startup.

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The Tech Therapy Couch: If I talk about my idea, someone will steal it!

It’s a concern we hear all the time: “If I’m talking about my idea to everyone and their brother, someone will steal it!” Today we’re helping you take a few settling breaths and understand the reality of ideas.

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The Startup Therapy Couch: Putting an app in the store WILL NOT make you a millionaire

There’s no easy way to tell someone that spending tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars on an app and putting it in the store is not going to default you to making millions of dollars. It’s even harder when that someone has already spent that money and has no downloads.

Do your customer research, market validation and user testing BEFORE you spend money. And you need, need, need MARKETING.

Carry on.

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Podcast: Apptrepreneur: The Startup Gap

The gap that exists between "I have an idea!" and "I need funding" is ENORMOUS. This week we are exploring the gap with help from our client and friend William Loopesko, CEO of PuppTech, and discussing the process of building a new startup and what it really takes to get to success.

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