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Why is the Raika Tech Startup Program necessary?

Why should the Startup Program matter to you as an entrepreneur exploring a new technology idea? Why would you even need it if you feel like you are very clear on what you need to build?

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Video Podcast: Women in Tech

In this episode, we explore our views and experiences as and with women in tech in an effort to understand our own views and offer advice to those who might be struggling to find their place in the field.

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Video Podcast: VanillaJS, JAMstack and Shenanigans

Raika Technologies is proud to present this episode of The Raika Show, where we talk VanillaJS, JAMstack, and branding and coin a new phrase: NeapolitanJS.


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Podcast: Do you really need an Advanced Degree to succeed as a Software Developer?

This week on Incubate This!, in podcast partnership with The Raika Show, Raika Technologies and talk about the benefits of advanced education and postulates how much a formal degree matters to be a successful Software Developer.

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Video Podcast: Low-code Development

And finally… VIDEO! Video killed the radio star… Video killed the radio star…

You wanted to see our (beautiful?) faces and bald heads, and we deliver in this first episode video where we discuss the low-code development trend and its impact on the software development world.

Shiny, bald heads incoming…

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