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Why is the Raika Tech Startup Program necessary?

Why should the Startup Program matter to you as an entrepreneur exploring a new technology idea? Why would you even need it if you feel like you are very clear on what you need to build?

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The Tech Therapy Couch: Because you know, it’s all about the team, ’bout the team.

Often in pitches or investor presentations, I’m hearing about the awards people have won for their idea, or they are talking only about their vision.

As I’ve said before, execution is everything. And only people can execute! Your team, your people, they are THE absolute most important part of your idea or your business. Without them, you’d be nowhere having your grand vision on your own.

Honor your people, and don’t skip talking about them when you talk about your startup.

No treble.

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The Tech Therapy Couch: If I talk about my idea, someone will steal it!

It’s a concern we hear all the time: “If I’m talking about my idea to everyone and their brother, someone will steal it!” Today we’re helping you take a few settling breaths and understand the reality of ideas.

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The Tech Therapy Couch: Honor Thyself

From the great outdoors of beautiful, sunny Colorado, we are talking about how to balance honoring your original intention for building your app or software idea with building something people actually want and need. How does one little grasshopper do that, Yoda?

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The Tech Therapy Couch: Big Ideas... Not Big Data.

When you're getting to the heart of your app or software idea to determine what needs to be in your prototype or MVP, you need to remember that any app that requires a bunch of pre-loaded data in order to provider value will be MUCH more expensive to produce. That's because you don't already have the data from the user's actually using your product, so you have to buy it from someone else.

If you're in that place, you haven't gone far enough into your idea to root out the intrinsic value of it. Create something that users want or need regardless of the resulting statistics and metrics, and you will curate the data over time. THEN you can add that value into your app later, and your users will be thrilled that now they can see what you see.


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The Tech Therapy Couch: Keep It Simple, Silly! Build what you need, when you need it...

There's this misconception that you need to spend a lot of money on software before you put your idea out there. We say, "Oh, nay NAY!"

Build as little as possible to demonstrate your idea first... And then do a LOT of customer validation interviews to hone in on the core concept. You'll find out whether you're solving your users' problem or not very quickly and you won't spend tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars and years of time on something that doesn't quite hit the mark.

Keep It Simple, Sillypants!

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The Tech Therapy Couch: Blockchain, Bitcoin, Bleeding Edge Technology... is Unnecessary

I know you think you need it... But you don't. If you're the 0.01% of all people developing something that really REALLY is going to revolutionize these bleeding-edge technologies, then my hat is off to you and you don't need me anyway.

But that's probably NOT you. Cheers!

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