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The Startup Therapy Couch: Reason 1 of 7 your startup is failing - "Hocus Pocus, Lack of Focus"

There are a lot of reasons why startups fail, and a LOT of startups that fail. What’s the first thing you can do to increase your chances of avoiding being part of the bleak statistic? Focus, baby.

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Video Podcast: Are tech unicorns real or merely a mythical creature?

Raika Technologies and GotAnAppIdea are proud to present this episode of Incubate This!, where we are on the hunt for that elusive, mythical creature that has the Interwebs in an uproar: the unicorn.

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The Startup Therapy Couch: Other People's Money

Are you ready for investors, or is there more you could (and should) be doing on your own dime to forward your startup?

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The Startup Therapy Couch: The 85/15 Rule

How do you know if you're building a product or service or business that has the potential to be viable and long-lasting? We use the 85/15 rule…

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Video Podcast: Women in Tech

In this episode, we explore our views and experiences as and with women in tech in an effort to understand our own views and offer advice to those who might be struggling to find their place in the field.

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The Tech Therapy Couch: Let's put the "M" back in MVP!

Acronyms are amazing little creatures with the power to communicate complex ideas quickly and simply. That is, of course, if you actually know what the acronym means.

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The Startup Therapy Couch: What's the TRUE Startup Unicorn?

I'm sure you've read the same types of stories I have: Startup ABC raises hundreds of millions in venture capital and is called a "unicorn", successful beyond the wildest dreams of the original founders. And in order to be called successful, these unicorns must have profit, right?

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The Startup Therapy Couch: Entrepreneur is to Startup as {__} is to Football

In honor of the SATs and ACTs that are being taken this summer by terrified and overwhelmed high school seniors everywhere, I give you an analogy to help you understand your real role as the entrepreneur and ideator in your startup.

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Video Podcast: How do I monetize my web or app project?

Raika Technologies and GotAnAppIdea are proud to present this episode of Incubate This!, in podcast partnership with The Raika Show.

Everyone like money. Duckets. Moolah. Do-re-mi. So how do you turn your web or mobile app project and monetize to rake in the coinage? This week we are exploring the various monetization options, discussing pros, cons and our opinions. Cha-ching!

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The Tech Therapy Couch: Because you know, it’s all about the team, ’bout the team.

Often in pitches or investor presentations, I’m hearing about the awards people have won for their idea, or they are talking only about their vision.

As I’ve said before, execution is everything. And only people can execute! Your team, your people, they are THE absolute most important part of your idea or your business. Without them, you’d be nowhere having your grand vision on your own.

Honor your people, and don’t skip talking about them when you talk about your startup.

No treble.

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