The Startup Therapy Couch: Know it all... Don't control it all.

You MUST know everything that's going on with your company when you're building a startup. If there's a manufacturing process, no one should know it better than you. If there's software, no one should be better informed about the state of the software than you.

HOWEVER... You CANNOT, SHOULD NOT, WILL NOT be able to CONTROL all of those things. And you SHOULD NOT try. Do what you are good at, be the biggest champion of your product and your people, and let those who are great at their jobs do them well.

Happy Tuesday, you know-it-alls!

Podcast: Internet of Things (or Internet FOR Things?)

This week on The Raika Show, we’re partnering up with Incubate This! to talk about IoT: Internet of Things.

Ahh, the Internet of Things… Smart thermostats, smart lights, smart door locks. The world is now just plain SMARTER because of these tiny little robots we’ve entrusted to care for the mundane logistics in our lives.

Are they really trustworthy? What is IoT, how was the spec invented, and what were the creators thinking anyway? Listen as and Raika Technologies join forces to find out how these little gadgets impact our everyday lives.

Listen to it here, on your favorite podcast aggregator, or get it on iTunes!

Podcast: Apptrepreneur: The Startup Gap

The gap that exists between "I have an idea!" and "I need funding" is ENORMOUS. This week we are exploring the gap with help from our client and friend William Loopesko, CEO of PuppTech, and discussing the process of building a new startup and what it really takes to get to success.

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