You have an idea for

an app, website or software solution…


Raika Technologies created the Velocity Startup Lab to help you

Save time and money
Find answers quickly
Choose confidently

There are challenges in figuring out if your idea is worth spending time and money to implement:


It’s Expensive

Custom software can cost tens, or even hundreds, of thousands of dollars. You need to make sure you’re building the right thing before spending your money.


It’s distracting

You and your team are already hard at work on your existing priorities, and you don’t want to interrupt progress unless you know the reward is worth it.


It’s overwhelming

You’re very good at what you do; technology is a whole different beast. You don’t want to be an expert in technology, you just want to use technology to accomplish your goals.


Raika’s Velocity Startup Lab was created to solve these problems in two ways:

The Business Case

  • Is your idea viable?

  • How can you maximize monetization?

  • What’s the impact to your existing business?

  • How do you introduce something new easily and seamlessly?

The Technology Case

  • What is the right way to build for your budget?

  • How long should it take?

  • How do you know what to build?

  • What will make your customers the happiest?


 Why Raika Technologies?

We understand your pain! Our team has been involved with lots of startups, both for ourselves and for others, and we’ve helped companies design new products and get them to market. Our experience will ensure you get the answers you need to make a go-no-go decision with confidence.

How does the Startup Program work?

1 Schedule a First Call A Raika team member will get on the phone to talk through your idea and our process, and answer questions.
2 Design Your Program We will work with you to design a custom plan, tailored to your idea, your market and your target audience.
3 Execute the Plan Raika will work with you to hone your idea, collect data and information from your users, and understand the results.

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