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Why is the Raika Tech Startup Program necessary?

Why should the Startup Program matter to you as an entrepreneur exploring a new technology idea? Why would you even need it if you feel like you are very clear on what you need to build?

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Video Podcast: Women in Tech

In this episode, we explore our views and experiences as and with women in tech in an effort to understand our own views and offer advice to those who might be struggling to find their place in the field.

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Podcast: Do you really need an Advanced Degree to succeed as a Software Developer?

This week on Incubate This!, in podcast partnership with The Raika Show, Raika Technologies and talk about the benefits of advanced education and postulates how much a formal degree matters to be a successful Software Developer.

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Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality... Really reality?

How many different types of reality are there? What do they all mean? How do you know which one you’re in?

Okay, so that’s a silly question, we’ll grant you… This week Raika is looking at Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality and talking about the state of the technologies and positing whether we’re trying too hard to escape our lives.

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Video Podcast: Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality... Taking us away from Reality?

This week on The Raika Show, we are exploring AR and VR… And how they impact our actual “R”. Technology has the potential to open up our lives and our experience in amazing ways. But only if we use it correctly. Is our addiction to social media, smart phones and “being connected” ultimately what separates us from each other?

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Podcast: Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality... Taking us away from Reality?

This week on The Raika Show, we are exploring the wonder of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality… And discussing the impact of both on our actual Reality. Could this technology be the key to bringing humanity back to actual connectedness? Or does it further fuel our addition to social media, smart phones and the illusion of being connected?

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Video Podcast: Internet of Things (or Internet FOR Things?)

Ahh, the Internet of Things… Smart thermostats, smart lights, smart door locks. The world is now just plain SMARTER because of these tiny little robots we’ve entrusted to care for the mundane logistics in our lives.

Are they really trustworthy? What is IoT, how was the spec invented, and what were the creators thinking anyway?

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The Startup Therapy Couch: Putting an app in the store WILL NOT make you a millionaire

There’s no easy way to tell someone that spending tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars on an app and putting it in the store is not going to default you to making millions of dollars. It’s even harder when that someone has already spent that money and has no downloads.

Do your customer research, market validation and user testing BEFORE you spend money. And you need, need, need MARKETING.

Carry on.

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The Tech Therapy Couch: Blockchain, Bitcoin, Bleeding Edge Technology... is Unnecessary

I know you think you need it... But you don't. If you're the 0.01% of all people developing something that really REALLY is going to revolutionize these bleeding-edge technologies, then my hat is off to you and you don't need me anyway.

But that's probably NOT you. Cheers!

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