The Startup Therapy Couch: Reason 4 of 7 your startup is failing - "We question your commitment"

Reason #4: You lack the commitment and passion to see your idea through.
Passion is absolutely a necessary quality when deciding to turn an idea into a business. How that passion typically shows up is as a driving, unwavering commitment to getting your idea built, out in the market, and in front of as many users as possible... No matter what.

If you don't have a strong passion for your idea, you will lose your focus and you won't be able to stay committed when the going gets tough. And the going WILL get tough at some point in your journey; it's perfectly natural and normal that it does. However, if your passion and your vision is lacking, you'll stop caring about whether you ever get past it.

There are a helluva lot of things that are MUCH easier to do in life than start a business and become an entrepreneur. You have to want this so badly that you'll sacrifice just about everything else to make it happen, and that only comes when your passion is strong.

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