Apptrepreneur: The Startup Gap

Raika Technologies has been hard at work figuring out how to better serve our potential incubator clients and anyone who has an app or technology idea and is trying to navigate getting a startup off the ground. We’ve discovered along the way that there are HUGE myths, misunderstanding and misconceptions that exist in the general population, which set potential entrepreneurs in the tech world up for disappointment and failure more often than not.

To that end, we created “Apptrepreneur”, a brand that is all about supporting potential app and tech entrepreneurs to get the information and help they need and spend as little money and time as possible getting to real answers about what it takes to build a startup.

We believe that knowledge is power, and so part of the brand is a new blog called Incubate This!, whose goals are: 1) to educate potential app and tech entrepreneurs about the process and help set reasonable, understandable expectations along the way; 2) to provide resources and build a community of entrepreneurs to share their own experiences with others; and 3) to help save people money and time whenever possible by getting to real-world answers as quickly as possible. The posts on the Incubate This! channels (Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Incubate This! podcast, and the Incubate This! blog space) will be geared toward Technology and Software Development 101, as well as everything you need to know about running a startup from a business perspective.

This week’s post is titled “Apptrepreneur: The Startup Gap”, and begins to unravel the most prevalent myth about building a startup: I have an idea, and now I need funding. To begin debunking this myth, we spoke with William Loopesko, founder and CEO of PuppTech, and followed him on his journey over the past 4 years building a technology startup with all the early successes we hope for in an incubator client.

Happy startup-ing!

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