The Startup Therapy Couch: Other People's Money

Most entrepreneurs are obsessed with "getting funding". Finding investors to invest in their project so that they can build their idea on someone else's dime.

Understand that funding and investment is a wonderful tool to help you advance, grow, scale, etc, but that there are almost no investors who will give you money if you haven't invested first. That includes investing your own money.

Early things you should plan to spend money on include things like research and development (do you have an idea that can be a viable business and who is your target audience), market validation, legal (yes, legal comes almost FIRST in this process to protect yourself), and likely a tax accountant of some sort.

These things all cost money, and if your idea is really "the next big disruption in the dating world", then you should be more than happy to spend your money to get your idea to a state where investors can see what you see. If you aren't willing to spend your own money, or you think it's too expensive, how on earth will you show an investor the brilliance behind your plan?

As you were, comrades.