Technology We Like: PuppTech - PuppComm: Always Know Your Dog is Safe Everywhere

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.
— Arthur C Clarke

We are a technology incubator, which means we work with some exceptionally innovative companies. The industries and specialties we work with range from medicine to music to oil and gas. And now, the pet industry!

PuppTech has developed the PuppComm, the first mobile dog monitor for every environment. The company is currently raising funds via IndieGoGo, and met their original $25,000 goal in less than 72 hours!

Raika has been working with PuppTech for almost a year now, and we have learned so much about the pet safety industry since getting involved. We have implemented some really cool push-based technology for alerting owners about conditions around their fuzzy loved ones, and we've gotten to see more of the available market in cloud hosting services. (Pro tip: Not all cloud providers are created equal, and some just are NOT ready for prime time!) Not only did we build the entire software stack and web and mobile user interfaces, we also helped build the first hardware units (yes, those are soldering blisters on our fingers).

Why do we love it? Beyond our own involvement, we've found that PuppTech's top priority is making fuzzy things all over the world safer and happier and enabling them to spend more time with their humans! 

Interested in being involved? Become a backer in the PuppTech IndieGoGo campaign and stay in the know.

Now, a gratuitous fuzzy thing picture. AWWWWWW.

Meet Panda and Freyja, protected by PuppComm!

Meet Panda and Freyja, protected by PuppComm!