Technology We Like: Political Smackdown

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.
— Arthur C Clarke

We love games! We love playing them, we love writing them, and we REALLY love when they help us get out all of our frustrations. So it was only natural that we said, "Yes, absolutely!" when approached about creating this fun, interactive game that allows you to interact with your favorite (or most hated) political figures.

The game is called "Political Smackdown", and it's currently available in the iTunes store for iOS devices. We are working with the brains behind the game to develop new features, new ways of keeping score, and adding new political figures regularly.

What's in the works currently:

  • A score-keeping system that will allow users to track the progress of their favorite (or least favorite) political figures compared to the whole pack

  • New stickers and sticker packs, some of which have special actions unique to one or several political figures

  • Ability to post the results of a particular game, with a photo, to your Facebook profile

Have a favorite (or hated) political figure you'd like to see in the game? Have an idea for a sticker or sticker pack? Have an idea for a custom sticker with a special action for one or more political figures? Let us know! You can either add a comment to this post, or send us an email on our contact form.

Stay tuned to Technology We Like for future product updates, project announcements and other client and company fun!