Startup program

3-4 months, One-on-one

In the Startup Program, the Raika team will walk the path with you to bring your idea into reality with custom-designed program milestones:

Refine your idea
Discover the killer feature in your idea
- Identify your ideal users
- Design strategies to reach your users
- Define the problem from the user view

Build and validate the solution
Create solution statements to communicate value
- Produce wireframes to demonstrate functionality
- Build the self-contained, functional prototype
- Hone interviewing and feedback collection skills

Make an informed, confident decision
Compile and analyze all data and feedback collected
- Discuss ROI, recommendations and next steps

You will have direct access to your Raika team and will participate in weekly coaching sessions to guide your research and interviews.

Why is the Raika Tech Startup Program necessary?


SMB and Enterprise

3-6 months, One-on-one

The SMB and Enterprise Incubation program provides companies of all sizes with a team to help discover whether a new product or service is worth interrupting your existing road map.

We work with Product or Project Managers, Development Managers, VPs or C-Suite executives to:

Get information
- Investigate the viability of a new product or service
- Interview current and potential new customers
- Research competitors' offerings.

Pricing and cost analysis
- Figure out the right price
- Estimate the time and cost to your company to implement

Recommendations and messaging
- Make a recommendation about the right time to implement
- Help sell the new prioritization up the chain for internal buy-in
- Assist in determining the correct reprioritizing of existing road map items

Because Got An App Idea team members have all worked in various size companies, from startups to enterprise corporations, we are sensitive to the unique challenges you face and are skilled at navigating the waters.

What if Iā€™m ready to build my product?

Custom Build Out

Ready to build your project? Raika Technologies will work with you to determine the right time frame for your project and help you understand the costs you can anticipate.

We will help you ensure that you build the right product and that you understand the audience you are targeting before we start writing code.

Plus, all of our custom build out projects come with a very competitive warranty, and we offer various support and maintenance contracts to help you keep your focus on your business, not on the technology.

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