You’re ready to take a very important first step in your journey to startup success, and we are excited to help you along the way!

Before you schedule…

It’s important that you are prepared for our conversation by understanding as much as you can about the process, why we do what we do, and how you will participate. The process requires that you spend a little time and money to get the answers you need. We strongly recommend that you spend 5-10 minutes reviewing the following items before scheduling your first call with us:

  1. Review our Options and Pricing page (This helps ensure we talk about the options that make the most sense in your situation.)

  2. Watch “The Startup Therapy Couch: Other People’s Money” (This helps you understand why it’s important to plan on spending a little of your own money to get your idea off the ground.)

  3. Read “Why is the Raika Tech Startup Program necessary?” (This helps you understand why the program’s results are valuable to you and potential investors.)

  4. Read “I’ve got an app idea… now what?” on LinkedIn (This article describes the kind of data points we are looking for in the Startup Program and why they matter.)

How to schedule

Choose a time that works for you from the options in the calendar below, and provide the best phone number for us to reach you at the scheduled time.

We currently allow booking 10 days out from today, Monday - Thursday, as the schedule permits. You are welcome to call or email us if you’d prefer to do that instead.