We are the Un-dev.

"Uh, what?"

We don’t think our clients care about our pets. While we love them, they can’t write code, so putting them on our website would be silly.

We don’t have a foosball table. We’re far too busy completing our projects and prioritizing clients to play games at the office.

We will make mistakes. We will own up to them, fix them as soon as we possibly can, and learn from them for the future. We do not expect our clients to pay the price for our mistakes.

Our clients will make mistakes, too. We are compassionate about the realities of completing software projects and creative at finding ways to stay on-time and on-budget and still be flexible to changes, even if the source of changes or roadblocks is out of our control.

We do not believe that every client project is created equal, nor that every client has a tolerance for “bleeding edge” technology. Your project, your company, and your needs are unique, and that means the solutions we implement should fit YOU.

We don’t think buzz words matter to anyone but our fellow software engineers.

We will never try to “sell you” on a fancy new technology just because we want to learn it. That sets you up for potentially higher maintenance costs in the future and disrespects the fact that you have a business to run and you need to be efficient and smart with your budget.

We are honest, and we recognize that even the best laid plans can be thwarted at any time. So we spend less time planning, particularly in areas that aren’t well understood or have more potential for change, and more time coding and designing as needs and knowledge emerge.

We run our business lean and efficient, so we understand and respect that our clients do as well. We don’t have a fancy office or a big building, and we rent conference space when we need it. All of this allows us to offer the best service possible at the lowest price possible and still give our clients the attention and focus that their projects need and deserve.

No developer writes bug-free code, and developers are notoriously poor communicators. We include a warranty with every project we work on so that our clients can feel confident that if (and when) they find issues, we will clean them up.

Institutional knowledge saves money. We document everything and have multiple resources up-to-speed on all of our projects, at no extra cost to the client.

We are experts in our field, and that’s why you are hiring us. That means we don’t expect you to already know everything you need to get your project done. We are here to guide, enable and execute from the beginning to the end.