Ever wanted to express your love of or frustration with the political system? Ever thought that taking out your frustration or showing your love for a specific political figure might feel... good?

Play the iOS game Political Smackdown! With new, popular (or unpopular) political figures being added with every new release, you are guaranteed to find your favorites and least favorites.

Start by picking a sticker at the bottom of the screen. Some stickers are positive (for your favorite politicos) and some stickers are negative (for the ones you just want to smack)! Play with multiple swipes or taps to unlock hidden combos and increase the points awarded for your chosen sticker.

Some politicos have special action stickers that produce different results. Play around with the game and uncover everyone's best (and worst-kept) secrets!

Currently included politicos include: President Donald Trump, Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Governor John Hickenlooper, California Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, and Speaker of the US House of Representatives Paul Ryan.