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“I have an app idea. Now what?”


Do you have an app idea? Maybe something new, with a “killer feature” you just know can make you real money…

At least 20 or 30 times a week, we hear “I have an app idea”. Raika Technologies calls a person building an app for profit an Apptrepreneur. And we designed a program for potential Apptrepreneurs just like you!

Some of these potential tech startup creators are already successful business owners, perhaps in technology and perhaps not. More often idea-holders have never started, owned, run or created a business or technology product before. And in almost every case, these people have huge misconceptions about what it takes (and how easy it is) to turn an app idea into a successful business.

Many people think that what comes after “I have an app idea” is “Now I need funding”, but the reality is quite different. Savvy angel and venture capital investors want to see a real product (usually a prototype) that proves that YOU are able to execute. They also want to see that you’ve done a certain level of market validation and research; that you understand the problem you are trying to solve; and that it’s a problem for real people, who are willing to spend real money.

Most of all, investors are interested in proof that you have what it takes to go the extra mile, or the extra 100 miles, whatever it takes to turn their investment money into profit!

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