Raika Technologies is primarily a technology and software incubator, working with new projects or start-up projects in the early phases of development. However, like any good software guys, we also take on more traditional contracting and consulting work from time to time.

If you are in need of development staff augmentation, we can offer these services on a case-by-case and project-by-project basis. Often times we have clients who will use our team to get over a temporary hurdle, such as a release deadline, when their full time staff needs a little help. As such, you should know how we handle these types of projects.

Raika is a company built on completely redefining the dynamics of software consulting. We leverage all of our qualified team members on every project to ensure the most scalable, business-appropriate and easily maintainable code as possible is produced every time. Many projects are also assigned a project manager, included in the cost of the developers you need to complete your project. This project manager will ensure that your needs are being met, that the developers’ questions are answered and that everyone is set up for success from the beginning. Additionally, we will provide quality testing, in manual and automated fashions, prior to handing off any new work for client review and acceptance. Client satisfaction is the most important of our operational goals, and everything we do will be done in service of that goal.

There are many consulting companies in the Denver area, so what makes Raika unique?

Raika is owned by three software developers, each with over 20 years of experience in full stack development projects, from small- to medium- to enterprise-level companies in industries ranging from healthcare to banking and finance to entertainment and security and many others. We not only have decades of experience, we are also code purists: Our team members value small code bases that directly address the needs of our clients’ businesses more than we do filling out our resumes with “hot, new, bleeding edge technologies”. While we remain up-to-date on emerging technologies and apply them where they make sense to our projects, we do not employ technologies without a good business case for them. We also do not rely on frameworks and libraries that add unnecessary complexity for minimal gain. We believe that code that directly addresses the client’s business needs is always better, smaller, faster, more reliable and easier to maintain.

We also present a unique offering in the glut of the consulting market. Traditional consulting models often require that only a single developer or a small group is able to work on any given client project, simply because the cost structure is based on number of hours billed. Our clients pay for the number of developers they need for the time they need it for their given project; however, they get much more than just those developers’ hours for their money. We leverage other members of the Raika team in a group setting, to not only ensure the best work possible, but also to spread institutional knowledge about the projects we work on for our clients. There are several advantages to this type of approach:

  1. We avoid the “contractor mentality”, in which only one person knows the client’s needs, by involving the entire team, securing “institutional knowledge” that can outlive a single developer’s tenure with Raika.
  2. We encourage and reward learning and expansion of the individual’s knowledge by making all team members a part of all projects as much as is possible and necessary. As such, the individual developer learns about new techniques and/or progresses their own knowledge by leveraging the group’s expertise.
  3. A project manager at Raika is always part of the deal, ensuring that our developers are asking the right questions at the right times, that the client gets accurate and timely information about project scope and cost, and that projects are completed within reasonable expectations. This puts client satisfaction at the top of our operational goals.
  4. A quality engineer at Raika is also included in any contract work we do, ensuring that developers are delivering the highest quality code possible for client acceptance, every time.

Great development does not happen in a vacuum. Even the best developers need to bounce ideas off of others, hear objections to proposed directions, and get clarity about the underlying business needs from a software perspective in order to build the best code possible. The best developers know this, and always seek the support and help of their colleagues, past and present, and other great developers when working on a project.

Got a project and need some help? Reach out and let's talk about how Raika can be a resource for you!